Nagsun Apparel (Fiji)

The organization came into existence with the establishment by four friends in 1981 of Nagsun Apparel to supply garments to the local Fiji market. The company started out with eight machines and initially only manufactured woven shirts. By 1984, however, Nagsun was the largest supplier in Fiji with a staff complement of 150. Growth spurred the company to begin exporting to both New Zealand and Australia under the SPARTECA agreement, and by 1989 Fashion Biz had been established in Auckland to supply the local apparel market.

By 2008 Nagsun was 100% focused on export markets in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Brazil, USA and UK. Based in Nadi, Fiji, Nagsun Apparel currently operates out of a 2,000m2 facility and employs over 250 workers. It has a production capacity of approximately 1000 woven pieces and 2000 knitted pieces every day. Two of the founding directors still play an active role within the organization, each having over 35 years’ experience in the apparel industry, specifically within manufacturing, retail and wholesale.

Fbiz history

Fashion Biz (New Zealand)

The Auckland office of Fashion Biz was opened in 1989 with 2 employees, initially operating out of a small rented property. By 1990 the number of employees had grown to 7 and the business was moved to larger premises. By 1996, there were 17 employees and once again the business had outgrown the available space and was relocated. By 1998 the New Zealand business had quadrupled, the staff complement had doubled, and Fashion Biz was expanded into Australia. At this point, a decision was made to purchase land in Auckland and purpose-build a facility including a warehouse, showroom and offices which would future-proof growth for at least 20 years.

Building work was completed in 2004 and Fashion Biz moved into its current premises at 11 Hautu Drive in Wiri, Auckland, which at the time boasted a modern showroom, office space and a 7,500m2 warehouse which has the capacity to hold around 5 million garments at any one time. The New Zealand operation currently has over 70 employees and prides itself in being one of the largest suppliers of stock service and custom apparel to the New Zealand market.

By the end of 2011 it became clear that growth was far exceeding expectations, and in 2012 the company embarked on a major 6 month renovation project which added 2 new showrooms and several offices comprising in excess of 500m2 of extra space to the Auckland Head Office facility. That same year, Fashion Biz entered into an agreement with Amrod, South Africa’s leading importer and in-house brander of Corporate Gifts and Apparel, to supply the Fashion Biz range of apparel to the Southern Africa market. Amrod employs in excess of 800 full-time staff and has facilities totalling over 25,000m2 in the three main centres across South Africa.

Fashion Biz (Australia)

The Australian operation kicked off in 1998 with 2 employees working out of a small warehouse in Botany. By 2003 there were 29 employees, and the business moved to a 3,400m2 facility in Moorebank. By 2005 the business had grown considerably, with staff numbers approaching 60, and the directors made a decision to purchase a 19,000m2 plot of land in Altona North, Melbourne, which has since been transformed into a 10,500m2 distribution facility. At the peak of its growth the Australian offices employed 111 people. In January 2008, a fully integrated state-of-the-art WMS (Warehouse Management System) was installed. This has since been rolled out at our Sydney and Auckland facilities.

In November 2007 Fashion Biz acquired a 20,000m2 block of land in Prestons, Sydney. This has been built into a 13,000m2 facility. Fashion Biz currently occupies 6,500m2 of it, with the remaining leased in the interim ensuring future expansion capability.

For 16 years Four Seasons Textiles were the sole distributor of the Fashion Biz brands in WA, SA and NT. In January 2016 Fashion Biz assumed distribution rights for their product in SA and NT, with WA distribution rights being assumed from January 2017.

Fashion Biz (Canada)

The Canadian office of Fashion Biz began operating from mid-2010 out of premises in Vancouver specifically renovated for that purpose, and includes offices, warehousing and a fully stocked showroom. There are currently 12 full time employees operating out of these premises, including administration and customer services personnel who service the apparel industry across the country from Vancouver in the west to Montreal on the east coast.

In July 2013 Fashion Biz Canada announced the opening of its new 3,000 sq ft showroom/samples loan facility in Toronto.

Fashion Biz (USA)

The US office of Fashion Biz was officially opened in July 2016, and is based at 707 South Grady Way, Renton, Washington.